I am not a perfect lover.

 I say what’s on my mind. I start fights. I get jealous and sometimes I don’t want to understand things to avoid pain. I am demanding. I am childish. And I am moody. But, I promise to be faithful, truthful, and to love you for you.

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I met this boy last summer. I can still remember his scent when I first got close to him. He’s a "smart-looking" and of course a handsome guy. He added me on facebook and we had our first communication there. We reached 3am in our first night of being semi-friends. We started talking about the show Waktu Rehat. I used to make fun of him because he watches that horrible show. ‘kidd. He told me Waktu Rehat is a good show. He didn’t just tell me. HE PROVED IT. Something’s just really up with this guy. I think, he’s my soulmate..

(first picture together taken @ Ods) ♥

I guess, I was right. He is my soulmate. I know it. I can feel it.

We had our first hang out as friends last April 14, 2011 @ Glorietta. I really couldn’t explain my emotion when I saw him. W O W. I know, I’m perfect for him. 

He made me fall for him deeper last April 19 2011 when he went to our condo to court me. Date & Time check; April 19 2011 .. 2:57pm - YES

We went through A LOT of problemsI’m so happy we can overcome them.. The problems that made us STRONGER today than yesterday.. ☀

I’M SO SORRY for the times I failed to understand and listen to you. I’m sorry for letting my pride take over my mind. I wouldn’t let anything or anyone break our ideal relationship. We both know how much we love each other. The whole world knows. I know we can fix everything.. I KNOW. 

So let me just tell you guys (who’s reading this) how much lucky I am to have him. He’s the best. He exactly knows what to do when I’m in my bad days. Anyone would be so lucky to have him. His surprises & efforts = the best. He’s not just my boyfriend. He’s my husband, my brother, my friend and a close stranger. 

And you know what, I LOVE HIM SO MUCH :)

I met this boy last summer. I can still remember his scent when I first got close to him.. A boy named Marc Stephen Amodia De Mesa.. :)